Église Saint-Martin, Tauxigny


L’église a été inscrite à l’inventaire des Monuments historiques, par arrêté du 12 juin 1926 PA00098122.


Tauxigny Tauxigny Tauxigny Tauxigny

A first church was built in 998 by Thibault, abbot of Cormery. The present church of Tauxigny was built in the 12th century. The bell tower remains from this building, the rectangular choir with flat chevet and the transept were modified in the 15th century. The nave dates from the 19th century.

The church has two stained glass windows featuring Saint Martin, one in which he is depicted as a bishop, wearing a blue chasuble and a golden alb, nimbed and mitred, holding a crosier in his left hand and a book in his right. The other depicts a scene of charity, with Saint Martin as a helmeted Roman soldier, cutting his red cloak with his sword, and the beggar is depicted half-naked, sitting on a stone.

The church also houses two reliquaries, one of the Holy Cross and one of St Martin.


The church was listed as a Historical Monument by order of 12 June 1926. PA00098122.